Storage equipments

person Blake Sugermanfolder_openPacking Servicesaccess_time May 9, 2016

Storage equipments are being used in almost every industry, from manufacturing to agriculture. There are many different types of these equipments, in different shapes, sizes and with different characteristics and purposes. Some most common type of these equipments are four and these are, bulk storage, pallet racks, carton flow last but not the least shelving. These are non-automated equipments and have been accepted internationally.

There are two types of storage one is unit load and the other is small loads. Unit loads means to store the material which need to be stored in big loads such as a full pallet of material. This is another form of block piling techniques of storing which means the pallets will be loaded on one another to save the space. Because there are things which can be damaged if loaded on each other so there have been other equipments developed to prevent the damage.

One of these unit load storage equipment is stacking frames. These frames need its parts to be brought together so that things can be stored on them. They are portable and if once one thinks that there is no more need of these frames they can be unassembled quite easily. They are best for unit which cannot be piles on one another.

To store the items that are different in shapes and sizes, single-deep selective racks can be used and work very efficiently. They are very common and can be seen everywhere. They look just like book shelves but in fact them being used to keep goods not for books.

Then there are double-deep racks which are awesome to save space. They are just like single-deep rack but it can store two unit instead of one. Both single and double deep racks can be unassembled and reassembled quite easily so if you think that they are not required you can ditch them any time. But the bad thing about them is that they need a special kind of forklift to be replaced or transferred.

Drive-deep racks can be from three to ten unit load deep. They are open from many sides which can help to load a rescued vehicle from many positions. They have cut down the aisle spacing and are less costly than pallet flow racks.

Pallet flow racks are those which transfer unit load from one side to the other with the help of wheels and rollers, for that air cushions and gravity can also work. They are best and prevent the turnover. They need maintenance and that why are more costly than other equipments.  

Mobile racks are single-deep racks installed on a vehicle to transfer things from one place to another place. Then there are automatic storage which can move on an aisle horizontally and vertically to place or life the units.